hysterWhat is hysteroscopy?

  • Hysteroscopy is a method for the physician to view the lining of the uterus using a camera known as a hysteroscope. This procedure is typically performed under anesthesia. The hysteroscope is placed in the vagina, and then passed through the cervix to reach the uterus. The images are displayed on a screen for the physician to see.


  • Hysteroscopy can be performed to identify causes of severe cramping or abnormal bleeding. It can also look at the openings to the fallopian tubes, or look for scar tissue to identify potential causes of infertility. The hysteroscope has ports for instruments, which allows the physician to find and remove polyps, fibroids, or intrauterine devices. The physician may also look for possible endometrial cancer using hysteroscopy.


  • A small amount of vaginal bleeding is normal. Risks include heavy vaginal bleeding or discharge, infection, severe abdominal pain or cramping, or trouble urinating.