Special Delivery Package

Thank You for choosing Women’s Healthcare Center of Chicago for the care of your delivery and future baby. We are contracted with the following hospital Norwegian American Hospital the following are the charges and what’s included:


  • $3,200 for VAGINAL DELIVERY, hospital stays up to 48hrs post-deliveryandcare of new born. Epidural for labor pain is included.
  • $4,400 for CESAREAN DELIVERY, which include
  • hospital stays up to 72hrs post-delivery.
  • Neonatologist and care of new born.


  • $500 Additional stay for mother or baby (per day)
  • Plus $ 600 for Neonatologist if needed at the delivery and will include care of Newborn till discharge (already included in the cesarean package).


  • $2,200 (CASH) includes routine prenatal visits, lab tests, (excluding any genetic testing), ultrasounds, care of delivery (mother and baby) and post-delivery at the hospital and for one post hospital Pediatrician visit.


  • $160 Baby boy circumcision (optional) cost
  • High risk physician consultation (if needed)
  • $450 for single pregnancy
  • $550 for twin pregnancy
  • $250 Genetic testing to check for chromosomal abnormality and the gender of the baby (optional)
  • If blood type is negative and antibodies is positive (identification of antibodies cost $100)
  • If Rhogam injection needed cost $150.

For Professional Fee’s

  • $300 Should be paid at first visit
  • $700 Should be paid at the second visit
  • $1,200 Should be paid at the third visit
  • If patient is near her due date FULL AMOUNT should be paid at the first visit.

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